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AI and Perception Intern

July 2020 - Dec 2020

Driveablespaces Estimation Group(Computer Vision)

  • Implementing and validating algorithms such as”Object-Contextual Representations for Semantic Segmentation” and ”EfficientPS

  • OCR + HRNET backbone for Full Segmentation of Images on Berkley Deep Drive Dataset

  • Building data loading pipeline for inference on the robot.

  • Achieved Full Image semantic segmentation with inference speeds about 4 Images/sec.(1280 x 720 on V100 GPU)(Pytorch before any optimization)

  • Increasing Inference speed using TensorRT, quantization and model pruning.

Tools Used- Pytorch,AWS,numpy,Python.


Localization Group

  • Implementing Mapping and localization using LEGO-LOAM geometric SLAM.

  • Implementing localization sub-module using LOAM feature detectors.

  • Implementing GPS-based localization for the Bot.

  • Optimizing map loading for the robot by loading only required subspace in maps.

  • Decreased memory requirement for maps.

Tools Used- ROS,PCL,C++

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