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 Hi, I'm Gaurav.

I am a Graduate student at WPI, studying Robotics with a focus on Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

I like to build Machine Learning solutions from modelling to building machine learning pipelines from data extraction to model serving.

This summer I Interned at PlayStation R&D as an AI intern for Video assets in games. I came up with a novel contrastive loss to achieve state-of-the-art generation and transformation results. You can see some of the work on the website.

I previously worked as a Perception engineer at Ottonomy. A start-up focused on autonomous airport deliveries.

I have over a year of experience working on real-world robots in the perception domain. I have worked on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, Computer Vision (Object Detection, Segmentation), Sensor Fusion and Deep learning.

My research interests lie in the domain of Computer Vision, SLAM  and Deep learning applications in areas of Robotics or Autonomy.


Intrigued by design, strategy, armchair philosophy, fabulous food and everything football.  

You can contact me or read my blog regarding Computer Vision,Robotics and other things. Feel free to explore the site.

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